CM11.0 Alpha 5

Seems I forgot to publish the alpha 4 post.. oh well here's alpha5 :)

I'm silly busy with Wedding planning (and it's not until July!) but took some time to chill and worked on a few issues that have been reported.
As quite a few of them I can't reproduce I'm not sure if I've fixed some of them/made them worse/better etc so bug reports are welcome.. hopefully with some info that will help me track them down.
A list of steps to reproduce the bug from a clean install booting would be helpful along with a logcat/dmesg if applicable of you doing exactly those steps.

Everything has been synced with CM as of the 21st, I've spent the last day with these builds flashed and running on phones just seeing how things generally work/see if I can replicate any bugs reported on previous versions.
I've not been able to reproduce the phone FC issue and I've been trying multiple sim's... switching from 2G to 3G and back etc.



I've been testing these builds with the CM 11 20140105 gapps.





Thank you Flinny.

Is there any way to get the last kernel log from the device after a reboot? Still have occasional problems with the UI locking up followed by a soft reboot with a cascade of ANRs on the media scanner on startup. Wiping the data for the process (using "pm clear", manage apps never seems to finish loading and sometimes leads to the same reboots) and rebooting usually helps here. Fixing permissions in recovery doesn't seem to help a whole lot, but removing all pictures from the phone offered some peace. Installing or uninstalling apps can also result in the same crash/reboot after a few minutes of "spinning" on the task without doing any progress. Interesting detail here is that even if the installation is canceled, the reboot still might happen within ~3-5 minutes of initiation. Pesky gremlins!

Besides that, blazing fast and works great. Thank you Flinny! :)

Found a bug! "Trackball/pad wake" can not be disabled. After flashing A5 I noticed my display being on quite often when I grabbed the phone from my pocket. The trackball wakes the display no matter if the box in settings is checked or not.

Also, I managed to quickly plug the phone and run logcat when the screen refused to wake up last (usually followed by the soft reboot/crash) - here is a part of the logcat that might shed some light on things: