CM 11.0 Alpha 3

During my fairly limited spare time I've cobbled together another build :)

Big kernel updates in the display/ion area (mainly thanks to paul-nl but many people have chipped in) We are now running on AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA_04. props.
Switched to a slightly modified qcom_gps (GPS works on vision and saga for me....)
I cobbled together a camera wrapper so we can use the CM camera repo directly without a fork, this should mean we can set parameters and tweak things like the resolution list, default levels etc going forwards.
I've also switched back to using cm's qcom audio directly but don't have a sim to test calls with here.... if things like ringtone dont work try copying from alpha 2 across and I'll look into it some more.
Synced with CM 's framework_base.
Other than the legacy media/display repo's and obviously our device repo's there are 2 patches which require us to have forks of CM repo's (framework_base for trackpad wake/unlock) and qcom_gps to make vision's GPS work :)

As so much has changed and I've not tested things much this is definately still an Alpha!
Tell me about any issues and move back to something more stable if you need to :)



I've tested these builds with the CM 11 20140105 gapps and they appear to be fine.





Thank you and all people helping you! It's so lovely that our favourite keyboardphone is not forgotten. And I have noticed that every new version works better than previous ones - that is android's forte in comparison to other mobile OSes.

Hello all, and thanks you very much :)
i have a question : is that this version allows more RAM that the vertion cm10 appears 363MB ?

Am I the only one without a Google Play? I installed the ROM and then GAPPS, it shows the Google settings, but not the Play Store. Help?

Got an error of: Set_Metadata_recursive:some changes failed E:error in file(status 7).
Did complete wipe and downloaded a3 update several times, must be an error in the zip file.

Cliff Soderback

To avoid set_metadata_recursive issue please upgrade you recovery (clockworkmod/4ext/whatever)

Upgraded to latest CWM ( and still end up with the "set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed". Any ideas on workarounds?

Think I found the answer in your post, am now trying with 4Ext Recovery ( - hopefully with more success ;)

Solved prob with download and this version is the best working one so far.

Many of the problems in A2 have been fixed and GPS works better than ever.
The only problem I see left is the auto Landscape-Portrait is not functional.
The sensors seem to work in the GPS programs so it must be just some minor
little function causing problem. It is now my everyday ROM.
This version is a lot faster than A2 or any previous versions.

Great work.

Cliff SOderback

Is the fix from CYAN-3003 included?
That seems to be a fix for the Bluetooth issue.

P.s. I used the default cyanogenmod gapps, as others don't seem to work...

Hi guys,

let's spend some beers to Nick bcause he spent a lot of time assembling ROMs helping us to use our very last hardware keyboard phone.

alpha 3 fixed my GPS and browser crash and seems farly ready / "stable" now.

Very nice work!



Changed to Desire Z Hboot. This fixed the screen rotation problem
and several other bugs. When changing Hboot I used a that was
posted many places, the only problem is, the wrong files are in this .zip file,
I ended up with a mess. Don't use this file.

A couple of other bugs still remain. Sometimes on certain sites you will get
heavy font distortion, which can be cleared by scrolling the screen.

Another is for sometimes you will get reboots for no reason, then WIFI is disabled and this requires a complete reboot to turn on WIFI again.

Other than the above everything else seems to work.
I think this release should be at least a Beta.

Thanks for great work.

...i can approve the same small bugs - so it seem to be the ROM.

I'm still working with that ROM everyday and would give beta status too..ß)

I am currently still using your CM 10.1 24 test2, modded by docertabum, as this was the only version I was so far able to use with (Open)PDroid:

Are you planning to patch in OpenPDroid support for your CM11?

Been using the alpha 3 for a while now. Bluetooth A2DP works, while calls over bluetooth seem not to. Calls through handset works. Suffering reboots on some installs or uninstalls (which always leads to media storage fq:ing). Orientation sensor works (didn't in A2), GPS works, Camera works (when media storage is playing nice), VPN (PPTP) works. Will send beer! (HTC Desire Z)