CM11.0 Alpha 2

Few things first... I'm still silly busy so dont expect replies to every message you send me.

Please read the OP on XDA again before messaging me... it might be slightly out of date but things like.....

8. Whilst I can't stop you I would rather these builds were not used as a base for any ROM/MOD/ETC. The source is all available if you want to do your own builds with which you can do whatever you like.

Still holds true :)

Anyway.... I've made a few tweaks...

Added Trackpad wake/unlock support back in on Vision
Fixed sensors on Vision
Maybe made GPS better.. or possibly broke it even more completely :D
Camera/gallery should work this time.
Gesture typing should now work again.
Synced with CM obviously....
What was DeviceSettings you should now see in the Apps menu called Andromadus (big A still the icon for it) I'm not particularly liking the idea but it does mean we don't have to fork CM's settings to add support for DeviceSettings back in....

This is still ALPHA things WILL be broken.. things STILL need fixing/tweaking etc. Tell me about them and move back to something more stable if you need to :)



As for GAPPS I've been using either the AOI or minimal packages from.





Hi flinny,

excellent work so far - many thanks for your personal time in that project.

I've checked a bit trough the system, sensors with sensor tools, audio io, bluetooth, GSM, software and just found two things not working att:

- GPS (no satellites could be found - tried GPS reset etc. with no further luck)

- Android Browser crashes on many web sites - using firefox or opera as alternative works for me quite well.

From my view - as soon as GPS is fixed it could get beta status. ß)

many thanks and cheerioh,


- screen lock is appearing from time to time even when working (i.e. wiping to read in a firefox page).

Until fixed i could recommend to extend the timespan til auto lock in settings.

logcat / dmesg wrote regarding the GPS that loc api service could not be connected / used (stopfix()) - same error happens when browser is crashing - so the browser problem seems to be related to the location service provider too.

And oh, sorry, forgot to say that i use a HTC Desire Z / Vision

Thanks for making KitKat work on my little Desire Z.
The only KitKat mobile with physical keyboard as far as I know!

There are some issues with bluetooth:
1. Audio is not forwarding to the Bluetooth device even if connected (and the equalizer indicating that audio is forwarded to Bluetooth).
2. Connecting to Pebble won't work.

A Bluetooth issue was fixed in cyanogenmod:
Possibly this will fix the reported bluetooth issues with your build as well.

The position sensor does not work. If you set the orientation to portrait, the
screen will switch to landscape when a video is played and if you press the back key it will switch back.

The compass does work, but it will not acquire any satellites.

Sometimes when play store downloads an app, when the app is downloaded the phone will reboot.

Been using this version for about 2 weeks now and it is very close to be all working.

First, thanks for all the fantastic work you've been doing. Incredible! Second BlueTooth doesn't work for me. Controls allow play/pause, etc, but audio comes from phone speaker not headset. If not for the BT, this would be a daily for me.
Thank you for all you've done ...