CM10.1 Builds


Life is continuing to be a bit manic!

Work firstly... to pay for House Decorating/Renovations, Weddings etc etc........

I've stolen a few mins over lunch to update repo's and do another test build. The problem being I have no phones with me to test/flash them on.

So I've come up with a concept that may work for the time being.

I will upload initial builds to

Once enough people have tried and commented on it they will be migrated to the current testbuild folder

The untestedbuilds are flashed at your own risk (as with all roms I put out) but these ones really should only be flashed if you know how to recover if it all goes wrong!

Unless I post otherwise these builds will be basically sync with CM current type builds. If I do anything device/Andromadus specific I'll try to post a mini changelog.





did a clean install no audio on music, incoming or outgoing calls

Does anybody have problem with camera?
I have 24tes2, I tried also 25. Now also with clean install, but Camera is still not working. I am not sure if it's SW or HW problem.
here is logcat when starting camera app

where do i get gapps?
or it dont require?

Hi Flinny! I have problem with latest builds (25, 24) on vision. I am using lock screen gesture, because I must have security since I have configured VPN's on phone. But in latest build, when I wake up phone, I must click on lock emblem, then move circle to unlock phone and then apply gesture. Why is there circle security common with gesture security? It is useless and it is wasting of time everytime I wake up the phone. Do you able do with it something? If change would't come, I must stay at build 23. Thank You.

Installed and haven't seen any issues - everything seems to be just fine.

system settings - Developer options, crashes setup when

accessed. Problem in test 3 also.