CM 10.1 Build 22

Just a sync update mainly...

Thanks to those that tested this release.
Also thanks to our new host for files :)

Note : WIPE if you have problems and only report bugs if you did a clean install and can reproduce them.

Rom - Synced with CM as of 21/05/13
Kernel - Patched to 3.0.78
Andromadus Settings has been replaced with DeviceSettings, this allows us to switch back to using CM's settings app without any modifications and makes things easier for me to keep everything in sync from now on.


HTC Vision/G2/Desire Z
MD5 18e448b17a671a5770611598a658d68c

HTC Saga/Desire S
MD5 6e7d15ead8af827646e95036f997998e

Saga needing an MDDI kernel - What we need is somebody who's finished with there MDDI Saga to send it to Flemmard so he can sort the MDDI panel out. Without that happening I really don't see a way forward.

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0



Rooted my RUU ICS Saga last Friday and installed your CM 10.1 Build 21.

Just updated to 22, no problems so far.


is your wi-fi opening

Finally, I can understand your struggle with the MDDI kernel, hopefully, someone is helping you.. Hope you update the ROM a bit more often from now on though?

Very fast and lite rom. I'm happy!
But. Excuse me! Why does not work the standard auto brightness?

I have just installed the rom and wi-fi is not opening, any solution? The rom is awesome

I can'nt start wifi. my Kernel is 3.0.73!! Perhaps i must upgrade. With full wipe!

My system is:
Linux localhost 3.0.73-gdf090a8 #1 PREEMPT Tue Apr 23 18:07:54 BST 2013 armv7l GNU/Linux
it seems it ist the wrong kernel
How to update

Maybe you have to flash the boot.img seperately via PC, there are several tutorials for it..

I am back to 21. All is fine! Where can i get Boot.IMG?

I've flashed the new boot.img got kernel .78
and flashed build 22. now all is smooth and fine

Just updated, it's ok so far. And wi-fi is working without any problems.

It's all OK! No problems so far.

Everything fine! Thanks.
Im the guy compile your rom by myself posted in xda. Seems warnings are not problems and I came back to jdk6. I know that its not place to ask about compiling but.. ok..
I just complied successfully yesterday, flashed,working fine as your build. But today I took repo sync,and got the update about"telephonyManger" and complied again, cannot finish!
Error is , frameworks/opt/telephony/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/ cannot find the token.
location: class android.telephony.TelephonyManager

Should clean the whole out folder to compile again?

And if you could, add more cpu governers like smartassv2 ,enable undervoltage.
I have tried but cannot finish compiling.
Thanks anyway!

Many thanks for the build.
It seems to work fine - even wifi and auto brightness!

Hi. I got a problem with sharing internet by wifi hotspot. I made full wipe, and then just restore apps with titanium. any suggestions?

Hello everyone!

build 22 works excellent, but my sensors are not working. I'm using HTC Desire Z. It has been issue since update 15, I think. I can't find older updates anymore. Is there a patch of any kind that would fix the issue. Phone's sensors are working in CM7.2, so sensors are not broken. Any suggestions?



Have you done a full wipe?

I have, no luck with that.

This is a known problem.
I already had it myself some time ago. Only way to fix it so far is by installing a Sense ROM.
After installing the Sense-based ROM, sensors will come back and you'll be able to install Flinny's great ROMs again ;)

You can find Sense ROMs for DZ here:

Thanks mate, now the sensors are working and phone also works extremly well. Thank you!


This is my first custom ROM and I have to say Build 22 is a huge leap in performance from my stock ICS OS. It was a huge headache trying to install it and I never found a guide that worked completely. Now it's on, everything is silky smooth. Thanks Flinny, beer coming your way!

This is a known problem.
I already had it myself some time ago. Only way to fix it so far is by installing a Sense ROM.
After installing the Sense-based ROM, sensors will come back and you'll be able to install Flinny's great ROMs again ;)

You can find Sense ROMs for DZ here:

hi everyone
how to update from build 18 to 22 with the CM system ? (i dont have cyanogenmod updates in about phone !)
thank you

i have just 363 mb in RAM memory in my HTC Z with cm10.1 B18 ! why ?
thank you

Thank so much , it works perfectly and smooth amd and and .. great . I willwait till cm10.1 has a piecontrol on it ^^

Thanks a lot,
It works almost very well with Desire S.
I've no mail notifications in the notification bar, i can't understand why.
It seems that there is no background task for mail.
Any solution?
Thank you

Ok. There's no background task with application mail of CyanogenMod but it works very well with K-9 mail. So I solve my problem and now you know what? I'm Happy !!

Implemented to support USB-host in CM1.1-B.22,
if not, how can it be implemented?

Is there a way to set the power menu to show me an "reboot to recovery" option. I couldn`t find one. My volume buttons do not work wery well ,so it`s a bit tricky to rebot to recovery mode.

check => options for developer / advanced roboot

thx ;)

The rom is perfect but I have a problem every time I make a call by Line and Tango. Every time I call someone my voice can't be heard at the other side but I can hear him perfectly. This problem doesn't affect the Viber calls instead. Why?

Is there a list anywhere of what features are working and which ones are not or having issues?

I have a G2 and I just want to know what to expect before I install this rom.


Do full backup and try. I have not found any problem on my Desire S.

I did a clean install on my G2 and it works great! Thanks for all your work!
I did notice a glitch... if I call someone and switch to speakerphone I can still hear them but they can't hear me. Also the same results if I take them back off of speakerphone. I need to hang up and call them back for them to be able to hear me speak again.

the latest 2 rom faced the same scircumstance,I often need a re-call then the other can hear my voice.

This ROM runs really good. I am using it only one day, but I am really surprised, how smoothly and fast it runs. Everything works!


Is there any way, how to set up a IP call pre-dial number?

I live in China and I can use 10193 as a predial for international calls via IP.

In a different ROM I could set up this number and then in the contact page select either to call via "normal" GSM service or using this "pre-dial" IP call.

Any suggestions?


This will be the first release I won't make use of (unless perhaps I get bored and just play around) as I got a new phone. But the previous releases certainly gave a new lease of life to my old Desire S, so I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks.

My battery drains pretty quickly with this ROM.
Does anyone have any tips to help improve battery usage on the G2?

I've already backed the overclocking back down to 806mhz and have it set on interactive.

Hi I would try to set the governor to on demand. In interactive mode battery drain is very high with my desire z

Can anyone past link for information which CPU Governor is the best or comparsion between ondemand, userspace, interactive and performance? On my Desire S is set INTERACTIVE.


I googled it... here is a quite extensive list of what each governor does (the list has more than my phone lists but it covers everything).

I think best option for me (normal use) is Interactive..

Thanks mrlegofrau, I just set it... gonna see how it runs. I appreciate the help :-)

This ROM is smooth fast and great the problem is as it has been the GPS cuts out and a reboot has to be done. I came from V21 all the way back to 18 and the situation was the same. Did a full wipe on each can anyone help.


I have a vision G2 sorry forgot to mention that fact.

Hi everyone
I have just 363 mb in RAM memory in my HTC Z with cm10.1 B18 ! why ?
thank you

Hi! I'm italian, sorry for my english. My device has a non-sony panel and now I 'm using the fallout v5 evolution. I want to flash the cyano but,given the problems with brightness adjustment, I've a doubt: you can return to the fallout after installing the cyano? you can reflash stock kernel? or fallout's kernel, if it has another one?