CM 10.1 Build 21

This should fix the starting wifi and BT power drain issues that some were experiencing in build 20.

Thanks to those that tested this release :)

Note : WIPE if you have problems and only report bugs if you did a clean install and can reproduce them.

Rom - Synced with CM as of 23/04/13
Kernel - Patched to 3.0.73
Kernel - Fyodor patched some more stuff.
Devices - untweaked some of the tweaks or do they count as new tweaks to the old tweaks....


HTC Vision/G2/Desire Z
MD5 15457127c997e11ffbb00d97f6369153

HTC Saga/Desire S
MD5 342ef90507a75a26b194a22a03387ef0

Saga needing an MDDI kernel - Currently I'm not going to recommend this to you as since 4.2.2 the mddi kernel has become basically unusable. It needs some work and I've tried to look at it but without one to work with it's proving difficult.

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

Mirror site for files



When I finished a phone call,it always popup the alarm setting menu。。。this has been lasting a long time ...

I have the same bug... also for many builds now
During phone calls the display is dark - but still active. So the ear "presses" the display and modificates the alarm settings and so on...

I was very happy if this bug is fixed in the next build :-)

From 18 to 21... it's a very rock ROM ! No bugs !
Thank you Flinny !

Hi there, I wasn't able to download files either from here or from the mirror site because of 404 error. However, I have found files in the net by md5 sums. I must say that you guys did a great work, almost all things are working, camera, wi-fi tethering, bluetooth, everything I checked is working except two russian letters х and ъ on the hardware keyboard of my desire Z. Actually it is the best result was achieved during about the year of playing with different roms. So cheers! Also the performance is great, last AOSP firmware was so slow in comparison with this. Thank you very much!


it seems the ROM files for Vision (up from 17) are not there anymore since days?

Are there any reasons behind?

How can i get it further?

btw.: if you need reliable and cost free ftp hostspace (without ads or similiar) for this project pls feel free to contact me - it would be nice to give some support this way.



Best so far build 21 no bugs! Vision

Best so far build 21 no bugs! Vision


because of requests from several peoples regarding CM 10.1 build 21 for HTC Desire Z / Vision i've mirrored it here: