CM 10.1 Build 20

Hopefully this release is a bit more stable for some of you... Other than stability fixes the main changes are tidy up/sync with CM.

Thanks to those that tested this release :)

Note : WIPE if you have problems and only report bugs if you did a clean install and can reproduce them.

Rom - Synced with CM as of 09/04/13
Kernel - Patched to 3.0.72
Kernel - Fyodor did some magic (fixed wake issue)
Devices - tweaks and tidyup ;)


HTC Vision/G2/Desire Z
MD5 eb16d7e86ccdcfbe05f6c9908d1f4a8a

HTC Saga/Desire S
MD5 mdbf8afa3fe511753cfbed062b43bfb278

Saga needing an MDDI kernel - Currently I'm not going to recommend this to you as since 4.2.2 the mddi kernel has become basically unusable. It needs some work and I've tried to look at it but without one to work with it's proving difficult.

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

Mirror site for files



I've got small issue with clock on lockscreen. When I wake phone 1st time, clock is in "old" style, I hit "power button" to put it to sleep, wake it again, clock is "new" style (bold, thin, cenetered, nicer font...). Any idea what could cause this? Every second time I wake my phone it shows new clock, every 1st it shows old.

Sorry for spamming, I just solved it. I have been using Lockscreen policy, to disable widgets, when widgets were disabled, this was happening. I enabled widgets, removed clock widget and now it works as it should.

This version fix a lot of the lag and locking up into black screen. Vision phone is operating very well like butter.

I am thankful of your support for the G2! It is fast and smooth, unlike any other ROMs.

today i had troubles using the keypad during a call. screen was always black. not showing dial pad. as if there were issues detecting phone at ear or not. sometimes it did , but then i also had a "stuck key" when i was using the dial pad during a call.

What is this 'Secondary display'? When i enable it Phone is stuck Have wiped it and restored it!

By using 'Secondary display" will it Improve my Graphics?

I am having a problem with the GPS finding or holding a signal I am using your version 20 and the ONLY issue I have is quite smooth and fast and I am using it as a DD. Thanks for your hard work I really enjoy this version, btw this is a problem that JB has had just curious as to a possible solution.


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Hi guys !
what is the best way to use the ext partition on the sdcard to install apps?
CM10.1 supports ext4? we can use the apps (like link2sd or more) or is necessary to do it manually (adding in fstab) ?

I have issue in build 20 (build 19 worked fine).

When I try to turn WiFi, it seems to powering on, but WiFi isn't able to connect.