CM 10.1 Build 19

I have been away for a few days having a break and getting engaged.... Anyway rather than sync everything up and start another round of testing before releasing a new build this is the one I did before I left that has been tested for a few days and nothing horrendous has been found wrong with :)
It's been a while and I've had to go back through the changelogs to actually find out what has been changed myself. Hopefully it'll not be as long until the next release!

Thanks to those that tested this release :)

Note : WIPE if you have problems and only report bugs if you did a clean install and can reproduce them.

Rom - Synced with CM as of 31/03/13
Rom - Switched back to some CM repo's rather than having seperate branches we didn't need anymore.
Kernel - Patched to 3.09.71
Kernel - pmem audio tweaks
Kernel - switched to a new BCMDHD driver (wifi, let's hope that solves a few of the longstanding problems)
Kernel - display updates
Display - updated to current.
Devices - Vision/Saga repo's have had a bit of tidy up and the
Devices - BT configuration for each device is now in the device repo rather than the generic one.
Devices - for little tweaks ;)


HTC Vision/G2/Desire Z
MD5 dcbec39cd5efc34d351901a8296f5962

HTC Saga/Desire S
MD5 a2d4355f9cf7dfd5c9f31a4fb0638474

Saga needing an MDDI kernel - Currently I'm not going to recommend this to you as since 4.2.2 the mddi kernel has become basically unusable. It needs some work and I've tried to look at it but without one to work with it's proving difficult.

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

Mirror site for files



Hi Flinny and welcome 19 !
what do U think about V6_supercharger ?!
would be possible to include it in the rom? worth it?
I personally solved many lag...

Im keeping this as close to CM as I can. I won't be adding anythink like supercharger scripts etc. For one I don't like them and would prefer to optimise the rom itself and secondly they seem to work for some and others have lots of problems...

ok, clean and clear !
If I may, however, I would put in the info of this installation information, and maybe even other "tip and tricks".
I think that using optimizations also allows more people to use and test the fantastic ROM you are developing.
Thanx for your work!

Seems to be very well ;-) At least very fast... Thank you Flinny!

Flinny I thank you for well-supporting the G2!

I like to use auto airplane mode application but none of them are working. Your ROM is great but this problem comes from becouse of Android 4.2 . Is there anyway to fix this?

Thank you
Best Regards

im with andromatus since build 6 and i never had this one.
after a phone call the display is either dark or sometimes very dimm. sometimes i still see the dimm picture of the caller picture - sometimes only shades of lines. - hardware buttons wont work - touching screen neither.
have to pull the battery
i will update when i have more information.

happens like every 100th call