CM 10.1 Build 18

Just on my way out but I promised a new build, Have flashed both builds and had a quick test and everything seems ok. Will flesh the change log out when I get a chance :)

WIPE if you have problems and only report bugs if you did a clean install


Synced with CM
Kernel updates
qcom_display updates.


HTC Vision/G2/Desire Z
MD5 4be6b3a984350b83eabae030cd65edd6

HTC Saga/Desire S
MD5 f6799b9491bb78aa852cef4395b0f925

Saga needing an MDDI kernel - Currently I'm not going to recommend this to you as since 4.2.2 the mddi kernel has become basically unusable. It needs some work and I've tried to look at it but without one to work with it's proving difficult.

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

MD5 b7e53e96e1c8b1a1c4865bf29418c8e0

Mirror site for files



Hey mate so basicly i have a huge problem.
I did a fresh clean install and here i am waiting for bootscreen and boob blue screen.
And i cant realy do nothing.
Do you have any idea why did it turn out like that?
Waiting for youre reply.

Do you have an mddi panel in your saga?

Nope dont think so.
Up untill ver.16 everything went well.
I think my phone just doesnt like that new display driver, because after some more inspection i realised i hear sounds when i tuch the screen. Just the dispey doesnt show nothing.
Any idea what should i try?

Sounds like your htcdev unlocked and need to flash the new boot.IMG old kernel with new display isn't going to be good...

I'll give it a shot when im gonna have som free time
Meanwhile just gonba stick with ver. 16.
Cheers mate and keep up the good work! ^^

Hi Flinny,
everything works more or less well, but I noticed a lot of lag, not only in this build...
I need a way to lock the lock screen :-) ...sometimes accidentally delete the settings (eg the cLock).
What do you think about the performance, will be even better or will remain as it is now?
Before I had the Mimicry 1.5, do you think that the performance will never get to that?

ps: great job, as always!

SuperVision, you need to remember that this build (and any rom based on android 4 or higher) is having to use a custom kernel built without the source for drivers for our device. That is always going to be a potential performance problem.

That said, I find these builds VERY smooth. 18 is significantly better than 17 for me. to get best performance I do tweek developer setting and prefer Nova launcher rather than Trebuchet. With my set up I can run and 340min, 800max clock speeds with NO LAG anywhere! That is remarkable performance for a device this old and with this small an amount of ram.


I also find it better than the 17.
I also use the Nova Launcher, but have the max clock a 1024, now I try at 800 !
You know Mimicry 1.5 ? It is based on Android 4.0.4, but is very very very fast (perhaps because it is a AOKP ?!?! I don't know...)
I am sure that in the future the FlinnyCM10.1 will be fast, at least I hope...

bye and thanx for the advice !

Hello @Flinny...
After doing a complete Wipe...! i have faced something. I Can't play 720p vids in cm 10.1 build 18! perfectly! to see that is it problem in build 18. I Have installed back to Cm 10.1 build 10 and build 12! The 720p Video played Well in it! please help me! OR Recommend Me some setting For graphics to change in it in build 18!

Thnxx for ur hard work!

In cm10.1 and cm10..! i can't play 720p videos perfectly in it!
And Other hand Gingerbread 2.3 in it The 720p videos are working great!
i have used every video player but couldn't find solution of cm10 and cm10.1! :(

hi guys !
a few times in the video after 5/6 seconds, the audio disappears
happen to someone?
Happening to me for several months, with Mimicry 1.5 and also with the cm10.1...
so it is not a problem of CM10.1 !
Anyone knows why?

V6_SuperCharger script solved all my performance issues.
So, it would be great to include this in the package or even apply these settings from V6_SuperCharger by default.

Sure ?!
please post the url for download the last v6_supercharger script and tell us how you set the clock frequency and the governor !
I thought it was already included ... however, more so then, let's try if this fixes the many lag... that "butter project" can not satisfy... :-)
I love CM10.1 and I have great respect for Flinny and his work, but is very difficult to use it as ...
We hope to give more help to become a better rom!

This the link to the V6_SuperCharger that I used:

But there is a newer one at:

I have the following settings in Performance:
CPU: Governor=performance, min=384, max=1400
Memory: purging of assets and samepage on, but zram off.

So far I didn't have lags issues, and overall my phone is super fast.

Many thanks to Flinny (and others that have contributed to this rom)

... and the battery reaches the evening with oc at 1400 ?!


will my problem will solve? of playing 720p vids in cm10.1 and cm10?

@Alfred Kayser..
i found little difficult can u please tell me how to install v6 supercharge?

it will be so thnx to u!

After various tests confirm that the v6_supercharger allow the vision works much better, thanx Alfred !
In build 19 talk about it, I agree with Flinny to keep clean the cm10.1.


jignesh, you should read the thread for all the details but the following will work.

Use the new link given above and download the newst version of the script. This has a .pdf extension but is infact a .sh script.

Use Play Store to download Script Manager. Launch Script Manager and open the script you downloaded. You have to run this as root so click the scull and crossbones icon then run the script.

Follow the instructions in the script. Choose the recommended options at each step.

Don't worry about doing the services.jar part. That needs you to edit a file on PC and upload. Doing everything else in the script will give good results without this step.

Hope that helps.

hello..i have installed everythimg v6 supercharge only to install is service.jar..!
but after installing it mine problem is nt solved yet..! i cant rum 720p vids now also! hope someone will give me solution!

Try Dice Player, MX Player, etc...

im using mx player it is working fine with 2.3 using h/w decoder but in 10.1 it is using s/w decoder its giving error tat can't play this video i have installed plugin also!
the problem is that cm 10.1 is nt using h/w decoder have to fix it?
any solution then reply it!

Then it is very strange, if you installed the 10.1 the right procedure (all reset and wipe) I do not understand what it could be, on my vision the video at 720p work well.
Anyway, check out the Dice Player.

hello.. @supervision..
nothing solved yet the dice player is alos acting as mx player it is not playing properly sound and video both plays slwoly! :(

I'm sorry...
have U try SuperWipeG2+ext4 ?!

from where i will get "superWipeG2+ext4" ?
please can you give it me!!

Not worked SuperWipe application..!
its the same problem going there is it any graphics problem that in 2.3 is working fine and in 10.1 it is freezing the videos?
@flinny.. anyone Please help me to solve this!!!!

try the build 19 !
Have You try more sdcard ? where is your video ?

i'm having 16Gb sdcard and 2Gb sdcard I have tried in cm10.1 and in 2.3 Both sdcard worked perfect in 2.3 which were having videoo files but In cm10.1 i it failed to play and 2.3 had played all video files in both sdcard!

@supervision..what do you think about swap memory?? by doing that will my problem can solve?

I'm sorry but I'm not expert...
I would do so: reset and wipe all, install and try CM10.1 B19.
It 'a really weird problem, you give me a url to a video you can not see! so I try too!

its a many video files..!
here are someone..!

and i used to download video in .mp4 format in 720p from youtube..! it gives a same error!

And here are in Some .Avi or .mp4 Format it gives a same error!

I asked You a url... :-P
anyway ... try this video, download it in hd and put in sdcard.
To me it works well with all the players, maybe control the power consumption of the CPU.
ps: You have a Vision, right?
ps2: You have try Andromadus Mimicry 1.5 ?!


it is working in 2.3 gingerbread! nt in cm10.1..!
and yes hav workd with mimicry!

what do you think about swap memory?

IMHO swap partition in Android don't increases the performance, there is another system memory management.
(your video works fine by me)

so i better to go back to 2.3 or try until it get success?
or should i root it again?

Hi everyone
I have just 363 mb in RAM memory in my HTC Z with cm10.1 B18 ! why ?
thank you